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Diablo 3: Killing The Skelton King

September 25, 2011 4 comments

I got my hands on the Diablo 3 beta today. And of cause I got really excited about finally getting the chance to play this game. I have been playing Diablo 2 and World of Warcraft and I love this type of games. So I really had high expectations on the game when I installed it.

There has been much talk about that Diablo 3 will require a really good computer, But I’m on my MacBook Pro with 4kb ram and a 256 mb graphic card and it worked out good. Some spikes from time to time but nothing that was destroying my experience.

I decided to roll a Demon Hunter as my first character. And I can say that I don’t get the real feeling of the character by just playing the beta. When I killed the first boss; The Skeleton King I was level 8. And that is basically the end of the beta. There is not that much good experience farming abilities in the beta. As Act 1 is very similar to Act 1 in Diablo 2.

But some things that I really like with the game is that you can sell your items when you are on the field playing. So you will never have your inventory full. This mainly effect the start of the game when you save up on every item you get to have money for repairs and items.

And it also seems that your gold will be shared by all your characters. This will make it easier to start a new character.

I’ll keep on updating this blog when I found out more cool things to tell you all!

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A Sneak Peek of the Monk Skills

July 13, 2011 2 comments

Force Strategy Gaming just brought us a sneak peek of the Monk Skills. But remember this game is still in development and some of this might change, we will have to see in the upcoming beta.

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Rumor: Diablo 3 in store in November 2011

July 6, 2011 2 comments

Diablo 3A source inside Blizzard recently talked to GotGame where he mentioned that Blizzard is working on the release of Diablo 3 in November 2011.

A “inside source” at Blizzard said that the Blizzard are planing to release Diablo 3 in November this year. The source also say that they are working long shifts to get Diablo 3 ready for the release. This also mean that the beta should be out soon since Blizzard usually have their betas online for a 2-4 month period. GotGame also write: “Activision-Blizzard has inexplicitly denied this by excluding Diablo 3 from this years listed releases“. So with some luck we might see the game just before Christmas this year.


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Rumour: Diablo 3 Beta August 1st

June 23, 2011 1 comment

Diablo 3

Rumour says that Blizzard will release the Diablo 3 beta. Russ Frushtick over at writes that Blizzard is holding a press event in California in July and he don’t think it wont be out before that.

How do I know this? It’s simple, really. Seems that Blizzard is holding a July press event dedicated to the “Diablo 3” beta at their campus in California. Information and assets from that event are embargoed until August 1, which means the beta won’t be out before then…unless Blizzard really wants to screw over those in attendance of the event, which seems unlikely.

I hope that this is true, I really looking forward to the Diablo 3 beta and even more for the game to be released. What do you guys think, and do you have any more information about this?


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