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HomeStory Cup #3 – Winner HuK

June 27, 2011 Leave a comment

Liquid'HuK - Picture

The HomeStory Cup #3 was played in at TakeTV’s place in Germany this weekend and most of the best players in the world were playing, EGIdrA, oGsMC, Liquid’HuK, dignitasNaniwa, mouzThorzain and many more. After a few days of playing HuK stood as the winner yet again.

The group stage gave us some upsets for example the French zerg player Mill.Stephano beat Liquid’HuK with 2-0 after some impressive plays. oGsMC that before Dreamhack said that he would win all tournaments outside Korea that he played didn’t manage to win his second tournament in a row. Karma? oGsMC lost to dignitasNaniwa in the winners bracket and to Liquid’HuK in the loser bracket finals.

Liquid’HuK won the final against dignitasNaniwa with 4-2 after he had been down 0-1 because he came from the loser brackets.

The VOD’s will be released soon, make sure to watch them because there are MANY good games!

A quote from Liquid’HayprO

thx everyone for making homestory one of the best events ever!


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