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“I’m still staying with GosuGamers, as I made that clear even had I made the MVP house”

July 21, 2011 1 comment


Hello Nick, can you first tell us a little bit about yourself?
Hi, I’m Nick De Cesare, I’m 18 years from the USA and I’m currently living in Arizona, but soon I’ll be living in Korea :). I play Terran, and have been back and playing SC2 now for 3 months.

For the people that have watched your stream might have seen that you like the tech play, what can you tell us about your play style?
I was toying around with Mech when I first came back, but then eventually want to the standard bionic play. However now after learning the curves of all the styles, I play mech in TvT and TvZ, and bionic in TvP. I was playing bionic TvZ until recently, where after some talk w/ good Korean friends came to the conclusion that mech will ultimately be superior in the long run. I prefer very macro heavy oriented builds relying on harassment and minimal defense to slowly creep ahead.

Now till the fun part, I heard that you are going to Korea to participate in the Code A qualifier. Tell me more about that.
Well, I owe a lot to Marko who introduced me to MVPGalaxy and MVPLeader, shortly after that I became to play strictly and for the most part, only Koreans and on the Korean server, despite the heavy lag. Eventually I became really excited about the level of play from them, and just how exciting the mental games were, after these feelings re-sparked, I then immediately wanted to go to Korea to compete with the very best as soon as possible. I was offered to test for the team MVP, and was helped to prepare for the tests with players like MVPTails, MVPFinale, Galaxy, Talent, MVPDream, dRg, etc. Ultimately I didn’t pass to eligible to live in the A-team house, however I was then immediately invited to their “B-Team”-esque house, where they assumed I should become good enough very fast. So if all goes well, I’ll be leaving for Korea the day after MLG and going to live with MVPGalaxy/etc in their pro-house, and compete in GSL etc :).

When you are going to Korea what will happened to your old team GosuGamers?
I’m still staying with GosuGamers, as I made that clear even had I made the MVP house or whatever. And I should be leaving literally the day after MLG, or shortly there after. Also happy that two of my new very close friends might be possibly joining, but I’m not so sure on the details of all that, plus it’s not something for me to talk about in detail :).

We have seen a few Koreans that signed contracts with foreign teams like MC, NaDa and now PuMa. What do you think about the Koreans are looking for competition outside Korea and also the other way around where we see foreigners that get the chance in Korea like yourself?
I think the Koreans that are looking for foreigner teams, only care about money really. I’m sure everyone knows that Korea is the place to be to get better, and you’re only going to get worse playing vs inferior mechanics and build orders from foreign players. So I think the players that have officially 110% committed to foreign teams, have actually given up hopes of being a champion in SC2, but instead, would rather help others and themselves get some money.

As for foreigners and such, the biggest dilemma is that a lot of them probably give up really fast. Due to the language barrier alone, it probably makes living in Korea really hard on some people, as well as home-sickness. I think that foreigners who are absolutely serious about this game and want to be the very best they can, need to commit to Korea.

Thanks for your time, is there anything you would like to add?
I’d like to thank and all its staff for helping me get back into StarCraft 2 and giving me the break that I really needed, and I’d like to thank all my close friends and practice partners such as: Juan, Skew, Artosis, iNfeRnaL, MVPGalaxy, MVPLeader, and anyone else that has helped me along this road, it really means a lot to me to have come this far. :)

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aTnSocke vs roxkisBratOK replays

June 15, 2011 Leave a comment

aTnSocke - Picture:

I have just uploaded 3 replays over at, the games are between two well-known StarCraft 2 players and former StarCraft Brood War players the German protoss player aTnSocke and the Russian terran player roxkisBratOK.

I thought I could just do a fast recap of the start of the games. Even trough the game looks quite the same in the recap there is some really good plays, specially in game one.

Game one at Tal’Darim Altar aTnSocke (11 o’clock) vs roxkisBratOK (5 o’clock)
aTnSocke spawn at 11 o’clock while roxkisBratOK spawn crossmap at 5 o’clock at Tal’Darim Altar. aTnSocke going for that fast expansion, while roxkisBratOK goes for supply deport, barrack into command center build. He will after that add two more barracks to make a marine and marauder army. One the other side of the map we see that aTnSocke adds 5 gateways and a robotics facility to get that observer out. The first attack from roxkisBratOK also includes a few ghosts that snipes of some of aTnSocke units..

Download the replay here


roxkisBratOK - Picture:

Game two at Terminus RE aTnSocke (9 o’clock) vs roxkisBratOK (3 o’clock)
aTnSocke spawn at 9 o’clock while roxkisBratOK once again spawn crossmap at 3 o’clock at Termonus RE. We will yet again see a expansion after the first pylon by aTnSocke and on the other side of the map there is a similar build as in the first game with supply deport, barrack into command center. roxkisBratOK quickly adds three more barracks and starts producing marines that he need to be able to safely expand to his natural expansion. And for aTnSocke to survive this he throws down additional gateways and that makes the total of six gateways…

Download the replay here

Game two at Crevasse aTnSocke (7 o’clock) vs roxkisBratOK (1 o’clock)

aTnSocke spawn at 7 o’clock while roxkisBratOK once again spawn crossmap at 1 o’clock at Crevasse. For the third time in a row we see the pylon into nexus build from aTnSocke and we see the supply deport, barrack into command center from roxkisBratOK! No it’s not the same game again… Both players are almost taking their third base at the same time and the game continue with standard marine, marauder and medivac play from roxkisBratOK while we see aTnSocke go for the colossus tech…

Download the replay here

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