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Looks like HuK is joing up with Evil Geniuses

August 16, 2011 Leave a comment


Liquid'HuK - Picture

Someone posted the link to the page on where there is an countdown for something big to happened. There are over 350 pages of speculations and comments in the thread over at

A guy called Goro77 asked oGsSuperNova “Are you happy that huk is joining team EG, so he can’t harass you anymore? :P” And the answer he got back was “Goro87 No T.T… Very sad…“. This more or less confirms that HuK will leave Team Liquid and join up with IdrA, DeMusLiM and the others in Evil Geniuses.

HuK join Evil Geniuses?

HuK join Evil Geniuses? - Pictures: Shalaiyn

The question is why. What does Evil Geniuses have that Team Liquid can’t give him? Money? Better practice partners? I don’t know… But I think this is a strange move if this is true.


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A great week for the foreigners in Korea, LiquidHuK and FXOqxc made us proud!

July 25, 2011 Leave a comment


FXOqxc - Photo:

All the foreigners are out of GSL July but in the GSTL we saw a great success win the last two games to win it for oGs-TL vs. Prime. And yesterday we saw FXOqxc team kill IM after 4 strong games.

Liquid’HuK seemed a bit nervous but happy when he walked to the booth to play in his first GSTL game, commentators and everyone at Twitter went crazy when they saw that it was Liquid’HuK that should take on CheckPrime. oGs-TL was down 2-3 when Liquid’HuK steeped in the booth and turned it around. He won the game and Prime sent up MarineKing but not even MarineKing could do anything against foreigner Liquid’HuK! oGs-TL won the game 4-3.

But the most impressive play last week was when FXOqxc team killed IM. FXOqxc took down: IM_Horror, IM_BBi, IM_Dreamertt and IM_MVP.

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HomeStory Cup #3 – Winner HuK

June 27, 2011 Leave a comment

Liquid'HuK - Picture

The HomeStory Cup #3 was played in at TakeTV’s place in Germany this weekend and most of the best players in the world were playing, EGIdrA, oGsMC, Liquid’HuK, dignitasNaniwa, mouzThorzain and many more. After a few days of playing HuK stood as the winner yet again.

The group stage gave us some upsets for example the French zerg player Mill.Stephano beat Liquid’HuK with 2-0 after some impressive plays. oGsMC that before Dreamhack said that he would win all tournaments outside Korea that he played didn’t manage to win his second tournament in a row. Karma? oGsMC lost to dignitasNaniwa in the winners bracket and to Liquid’HuK in the loser bracket finals.

Liquid’HuK won the final against dignitasNaniwa with 4-2 after he had been down 0-1 because he came from the loser brackets.

The VOD’s will be released soon, make sure to watch them because there are MANY good games!

A quote from Liquid’HayprO

thx everyone for making homestory one of the best events ever!


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June 20, 2011 Leave a comment

Dreamhack winner HuK

Big congratulations goes to Liquid’Huk after winning the StarCraft 2 tournament at Dreamhack summer beating Moon in the final! After 2-2 Moon went for a 6 pool that HuK manage to scout and defended it with a perfect wall. After the defeated 6 pool there was no doubt that HuK was going to win the tournament.

I’ll finish off with a quote from G4MR

[6:41:27 AM] G4MR: huks beasting hes probably going to win dreamhack

[6:45:22 AM] Sean Plott: i hope he wins that would be so sick

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