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Interview with Sebastian “GGvision” Sjöberg

June 12, 2011 1 comment

Sebastian "GGvision" Sjöberg Welcome to the blog everyone! As the first post on the blog I’ll give you a short talk with a good friend and fellow geek, the caster Sebastian “GGvision” Sjöberg.

Hello Sebastian, you have been around the community for a while but for the people that don’t know you tell them all about you.
Well, I am nothing but a true nerd and have been in love with StarCraft since 1998 in other matters, I’m also an anthropologist, a Youtuber and soon-to-be a maker of apps to smart phones. I also like to chop wood, it clears my head :)

Tell me more about your YouTube channel and what you do.
My Youtube channel is @polygonrevue, though nowadays I refer to it as – I simply like that name better. It started as the video-appendix to my old StarCraft: Brood War blog that absolutely no one ever read, but nowadays I have transitioned completely into video content and quite recently also Starcraft 2 commentary.

I used to do in-depth interviews with famous players and personalities in the StarCraft scene, and even though I still do that I have now transitioned into casting the game itself – and I’ve got quite a few elaborate plans about how to provide the Youtube-based community of StarCraft 2 viewers with a new concept for enjoying the game.

What is it that drives you to continue producing content for the community and casting StarCraft 2 after so much time, and without having reached the levels of guys like Husky or Day[9]?
First of all, I’m driven by a very true and childish passion for StarCraft – the strategic depth it holds I’m not a good player and I have no desire to become a pro, I simply enjoy watching, thinking and talking about StarCraft.
That is one side of why I do what I do, the other side is more concrete and not childish at all I want to earn a respectful income from doing what I want to do, which is online entrepreneurship. I believe that via Youtube and with the StarCraft scene as the foundation, I can be the online marketer that I’ve always dreamt of being – which makes into a business, and I’m treating is as precisely that.

Let’s talk some about your upcoming future, I heard some rumours about you are going to attend to DreamHack Summer in Jönköping. What can you tell us about that?
I can tell you, with much pride and awesome feelings in my nerd-heart, that I will be one of the two official casters for StarCraft 2 at Dreamhack Summer 2011 – in Swedish for national TV. That is as exciting as it sounds, though it also presents some interesting translation problem. There will be a lot of Swinglish, for good or bad :)

Sounds exiting! Will this event be streamed for everyone to watch?
Yes indeed, it will be broadcast exclusively for SVT Play – making it available for everyone in Swedish to watch for free. I do believe that alternative streaming options will be available for the international audience as well.

Thanks for your time Sebastian, anything that you want to add? Thank you for giving me the opportunity to do this interview :). Other than that I would just like to mention to your viewers that I broadcast six a days a week, every week – providing commentary of the StarCraft 2 elite in a way that I hope is both entertaining as well unique from everything else you see both on Youtube and in the big tournaments.

Also, later this summer I will be providing more value of a different kind – a whole new clothing label that goes by the slogan ‘Epic Shirts for Awesome People’. When there’s more to say about that, readers of this blog will know it first…. ;)

Check out the game between Mondragon and Brat_OK casted by Sebastian “GGvision” Sjöberg. and Dario “TLO” Wünsch.

Check out Sebastian “GGvision” Sjöberg here:

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