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Dreamhack summer replay pack!

June 22, 2011 1 comment

DreamhackDreamhack just released the replays from the Dreamhack Summer 2011 StarCraft 2 tournament!

The replays from the StarCraft 2 tournament at Dreamhack has just been released, check out what made HuK win the tournament and also why didn’t MC win.

Download it here:

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June 20, 2011 Leave a comment

Dreamhack winner HuK

Big congratulations goes to Liquid’Huk after winning the StarCraft 2 tournament at Dreamhack summer beating Moon in the final! After 2-2 Moon went for a 6 pool that HuK manage to scout and defended it with a perfect wall. After the defeated 6 pool there was no doubt that HuK was going to win the tournament.

I’ll finish off with a quote from G4MR

[6:41:27 AM] G4MR: huks beasting hes probably going to win dreamhack

[6:45:22 AM] Sean Plott: i hope he wins that would be so sick

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oGsMC to win Dreamhack Summer 2011

June 13, 2011 3 comments


With only five days until the worlds largest LAN-party i feel like it’s time to write down some predictions for the event.

I doubt that anyone can argue that the Korean protoss player oGsMC are the favourite to win the whole tournament. The two time GSL winner got qualified after winning the DreamHack Stockholm Invitational
earlier this year, by beating White-Ra in the final.

Also the TeamLiquid StarLeague  winner Thorzain will attend to the Dreamhack final. I think Thorzain can end up in the top tree after oGsMC and MarineKing.

So my prediction will be like this:
1. oGsMC
2. MarineKing
3. Thorzain

I know that many of you guys out there has your own thoughts about who is going to win the Dreamhack Summer finals in Jönköping this summer. Leave a comment on your top 3!

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