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Looks like HuK is joing up with Evil Geniuses

August 16, 2011 Leave a comment


Liquid'HuK - Picture

Someone posted the link to the page on where there is an countdown for something big to happened. There are over 350 pages of speculations and comments in the thread over at

A guy called Goro77 asked oGsSuperNova “Are you happy that huk is joining team EG, so he can’t harass you anymore? :P” And the answer he got back was “Goro87 No T.T… Very sad…“. This more or less confirms that HuK will leave Team Liquid and join up with IdrA, DeMusLiM and the others in Evil Geniuses.

HuK join Evil Geniuses?

HuK join Evil Geniuses? - Pictures: Shalaiyn

The question is why. What does Evil Geniuses have that Team Liquid can’t give him? Money? Better practice partners? I don’t know… But I think this is a strange move if this is true.


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