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GSL October Final at Blizzcon in Anaheim

Global StarCraft 2 League

This is amazing news, the GSL final in October will be held at Blizzcon in Anaheim, USA. This will give us TWO StarCraft 2 tournaments at Blizzon.

Mr.Chae from GOMTV writes that he got many requests from the foreign scene about hosting the GSL final outside South Korea so people around the world would have an easier way to watch the finals live. So Mr.Chae decided to look around on where GOMTV could host the finals and they ended up with Blizzcon in Anaheim USA.

I don’t want StarCraft 2 to become an e-sports title like SC BW which was excluded to people inside of Korea.

But this doesn’t mean that Blizzard are shutting down their own tournament at all. They will still host their tournament along with the GSL final. That means that we get twice as much StarCraft 2 action in Anaheim!

Yes, the final for GSL Oct. will be held in Anaheim. You will be able to enjoy both Blizzcon events and GSL final.

Source: http://www.gomtv.net/2011gslsponsors4/news/65735

  1. Julius
    November 4, 2011 at 00:20

    I went to the GSL last year and it was amazing!

    I have a few friends who went to this one in October and they told me it was amazing. The stracraft 2 final with HuK was thrilling!

    Best regards,
    Diablo 3 barbarian skills

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