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Replay: TSLClide vs LeenockfOu

Lings and banlings attacking

I added some more replays to the GosuGamers replay section and I wanted to write a smaller recap about the game as I did last week with the aTnSocke vs. roxkisBratOK matchup. So this time I bring you a game between two good Koreans: TSLClide vs LeenockfOu

Xel’Naga Caverns LeenockfOu (7 o’clock) vs TSLClide (1 o’clock)
LeenockfOu goes for a fast expansion where he has to fight off the forces of TSLClide that opens with a two barrack marine / bunker rush. LeenockfOu manage to defend his expansion by making a few lings and walk around and cut of the streaming line of reinforcement. TSLClide continue his play with an expansion while LeenockfOu going for the banling nest. For the next push TSLClide brings two tanks that kill many of the zerglings and the banling while LeenockfOu tech to mutalisks and TSLClide continue with the marine and sigetank composition. You will see some great macro used in the upcoming minuets of the game

Download the replay here: href=”http://www.gosugamers.net/starcraft2/replays/48559

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